ying yang plant a garden stop driving STOP DRIVING!   This individual act is your chance to take responsibility for what YOU do!  Kill the apathy that has infested YOU. Think of the damage you are will to do against yourself and fellow man. Help deal with the apathy and helpless feeling WE all suffer from and help to stop to the madness. 

This is a battle against apathy and a war against ourselves. We have launched the stop driving/plant a garden campaign. The yen yan symbol of the Far East as invitation to our Oriental brothers and sisters to join the Non-movement of Tuk Pikuni (Tree People). The invitation by using this symbol is in no way a recognition the purchase of Turtle Island to the Chinese by the illegal government we call United Snakes of Amerikkklan.

We indigenous people who pick and grow 70% of the worlds food know that the New World Order is over with the ending of the fourth world (Hopi - the age of caliuga) and the beginning of the fifth of corn and wood... on the Mayan calendar.

The end of the Mayan Calendar simply the end of Time and Money which enslaves us all both of these tools of oppression are the tools of our masters of our White brothers and sisters who are the people of the gold (Manipulators). This September 11 driving boycott is an Indigenous answer from the North directly from the belly of the beast (USA). We will work on this small campaign by getting  out of our cars!

"Stop Driving, The 911 boycott" is a call to action to reduce auto use and the enormous impacts driving is having on global climate change.

Each year the Indigenous Community calls for a four-day direct action non-violent civil disobedience movement for mother earth and against corporate wars over oil. This direct action begins on 9-11-2012 and culminates four days later. The Indigenous community asks that you observe a boycott on driving beginning the 11th of September each year.The Mohawk Nation will be shutting down Canada in support of this action. This four-day prayer and direct action is being spearheaded by Zachary Running Wolf and supported by the law office of Tony Serra. Print a flyer and help spread the word

stop driving global warming sign

Endorsed by many including Winoma LaDuke Red Lake Native Indigenous leader, author and Vice President candidate for Green Party and Cindy Sheehan Anti War leader See endorsements

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